[mpisgmedia] DMP2021 Public Notice: provisions for school

Text of MPISG letter of 02/05/05 (with two confounding
PIB releases of the same day after that)

Principal Commissioner cum Secretary, DDA

Sub: DMP2021 Public Notice: Request for details
relating to proposals for school education

Ref: Our WP 8954-59/2003 and CM 3073/2005 in WP

Dear Sir,
On 15/04/05 Hon?ble High Court stayed GNCTD free-seats
directive arising from Order of January 2004 in NGO
PIL in matters in which numerous schools have
challenged it in terms of Delhi School Education Act.
Our above-mentioned intervention application supports
the challenge, but in context of Order of 27/10/04 in
our above-mentioned writ petitions, which were filed
in December 2003 as part of efforts since 2000 for
enforcement and against broader violations of the
Master Plan scheme for common school system (in which
the free-seats condition is a small part, not
enforceable in isolation).

Violations continue despite Order of 27/10/04 for
stopping them in 12 weeks, while we have had no
response to requests for discussion among
neighbourhood groups, area schools and authorities
about their rectification for progressive
implementation of common school system ? our
suggestions in which regard were set out in our report
of 2001 (annexed in our petitions) and reiterated in
context of subsequent court orders in our note of
February 2005 (annexed in our intervention

Since stay of 15/04/05, we have sought, to no avail,
discussion before hearing on 05/05/05 ? also in
context of Public Notice of 08/04/05 inviting
objections and suggestions for 90-days on draft Master
Plan 2021, which proposes substitution of the Master
Plan scheme with an alternative scheme that
legitimizes violations of the type set out in our writ
petitions, etc, without clarifying how it can possibly
meet common school system objectives that are
constrained precisely by such violations conducive to
duality in and commercialization of education, both
formal and NFE.

We request, for adequate Public Notice response on
this DMP2021 proposal, information about:
(a) steps, if any, being taken for compliance of Order
of 27/10/04 in our writ petitions
(b) monitoring data / studies, if any, forming the
basis of modifications proposed in chapter 13.2, etc
(c) justifications, if any, for the Social
Infrastructure Sub-Group?s preference of a scheme
condoning illegalities over one for their
rectification in pursuit of common school system (and,
if that pursuit is intentionally abandoned,
justifications for that as well).

Without the above clarifications, the manner in which
efforts of citizens? groups from all sections, as
represented in the array of Petitioners in our writ
petitions, in pursuit of the Master Plan scheme have
been, since 2000, ignored (including in lackadaisical
counter-affidavits and by disregard of Order of
27/10/04 in our writ petitions) and out-shouted (by
funded NGO propaganda against the Master Plan in
general and highly-publicized ineffectual diversionary
NGO PIL in particular) would point to pre-orchestrated
pursuit of abandonment of the scheme only to condone
its violations ? most exceptionable since the scheme,
apart from being mandatory under Delhi Development
Act, articulates Kothari Commission concept of
Neighbourhood Plan and imperatives of 74th and 93rd
Constitutional Amendments that have been central to
Education Bill discussions and merits, in view also of
Orders of Hon?ble High Court, strengthening rather
than down-sizing in Master Plan 2021. We hope you will
respond to our request in this perspective.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

cc: (with request for clarification as above, wrt to
representation on Sub-Group / Authority of DDA)
* Respondents in WP 8954/2003 (DDA VC, MoUD Secy,
GNCTD CS, MCD Comm, Traffic Police JCP)
* GNCTD DoE ? Director, ADE (Act), DD (SW-A) ? wrt
prior communications
* DDA Commissioner (Planning) ? wrt also to WP


PIB releases:

The Government has released Rs. 1215 crores as
Additional Central Assistance for Mid-Day Meal scheme
... The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Mid Day Meal schemes
are being implemented in convergent manner with a
common objective for universalization of elementary
education. The Planning Commission has also made
recommendation for conducting mid-term appraisal to
consider extension of SSA mission up to classes 10 by
promoting public-private partnership. Due to the
universalization of primary education and
implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) the
demand for secondary education in the future is likely
to increase considerably. A committee of the Central
Advisory Board on Education has therefore been
constituted ...

The Govt. has decided that no fresh applications for
grant will be entertained under the scheme of Access
with Equity for hostels for girl students of secondary
and higher secondary schools...

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