Re: [mpisgmedia] Court Craft (a few matters heard on 27/07/05 in Delhi High Court)

My My, what a busy beaver our "litigant" has been.


"Meanwhile, MIB who counsel me are doing needful to
file something called caveat and I am overjoyed by
prospect of new item on my cv as litigant."

Caveats are extremely powerful things (as Mr. Lodha of
Priyamvada Birla fame can testify), causing long
delays and hurdles in our Justice system, and should
be (mis)used with caution. Speeedy dispensation of
Justice being a cornerstone of our Legal system:
Caveats and other MIB tactics ought to be brought
under the microscope of Judicial reform promptly.


--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

> As far as I know, stay on DMRC tender for
> recreation-facility on riverbed has not been
> reported
> in the press. Prospective bidders who saw my
> mailing-lists posts told me that DMRC chief urban
> planner is saying he was present in court and no
> stay
> was given!!!
> I have told bidders to stay out of planner v/s
> planner
> disagreement about what lordship said and to mind,
> as
> is expected, their business (and, for that, given
> friendly plannerly advice to ask DMRC for rebuttal
> on
> website or via PRO and, for any further
> clarification
> or moral support for bid-writing, also for
> fax-letters, etc, and if they like for view of MoEF
> and Tourism ministry, etc).
> If I have a copy of the order before tender-opening
> time of 16:00 hrs on 01/08/05 I might go and paste
> in
> DMRC premises (in exercise of responsibility for
> information that must have become fundamental duty
> to
> match right to information).
> Meanwhile, MIB who counsel me are doing needful to
> file something called caveat and I am overjoyed by
> prospect of new item on my cv as litigant.
> ----
> mpisg PIL against unrestricted auctions in
> residential-area markets (nowadays for malls) also
> came up on 27/07/05, at item 5 in court 1. This is
> the
> one in court since 2002 without specific prayer (and
> since Jan 2003 without replies) that got dismissed
> for
> non-prosecution after we asked for Passover (not
> allowed in first 10) when matter reached minutes
> before counsel and then got restored after we paid
> 5000 cost. DDA paid 10000 cost and finally filed
> counter-affidavit on 27/05/05 and we filed rejoinder
> to say counter does not answer our petition and
> speaks
> of some policy-level-thinking that is same as the
> illegalities we challenged in 2002.
> On 27/07/05 DDA senor counsel was in court, but
> suddenly left as item 4 concluded. Maybe because
> Passover is not allowed in first 10, Chief Justice
> felt constrained to adjourn, to 21/09/05.
> We are overjoyed to have rare/scare PIL lasting 3
> years without specific prayer.
> ----
> In the farmhouse misuse policy matter contempt
> notice
> was issued to MCD Commissioner while DDA counsel
> (same
> as suddenly disappeared) claimed no role:
> Now, farmhouse misuse is an issue in mpisg PIL of
> 2003
> against unplanned development in mehrauli-mahipalpur
> area and request of November 2004 (when other PIL
> was
> reported) to all to answer in both PIL issues raised
> in our letter of February 2004 (when farmhouse
> misuse
> policy was announced) led to a GNCTD forwarding to
> VC and MCD Commissioner. DDA reply was fuzzy, but
> did
> not claim no-role in farmhouse zone. MCD reply
> claimed
> no-role in the area.
> We are overjoyed by the muddle (actually, farmhouse
> misuse policy was at instance of CM) since our PIL
> is
> listed next week.
> ----
> The last item in court 1 was 26, the suo motto
> matter
> for compliance of order of 03/03/03 against all
> unauthorised structures on the riverbed (contempt of
> the same is one of the grounds in my case against CM
> inaugurated IT Park and just stayed DMRC tender).
> Letter to LG wrt news reports of the proceedings in
> the suo motto matter (and unreported stay on tender
> that DMRC might have issued partly in anticipation):
> Letter to Delhi Urban Development Minister wrt news
> report of him asking MCD slum & jj to expedite its
> proposal for 21,000 unit builder housing in contempt
> of court orders in the same matter in which order of
> 03/03/03 was passed (wrt to duly filed objections to
> the land acquisition in 2003):
> I am deeply disgusted, but could say I am overjoyed
> by
> the continuing coincidence of pushta and
> shastri-park
> orders and by resumption of hearings in Arjun Camp
> cases as flatted-slum wind blows again.
> ----
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[mpisgmedia] Court Craft (a few matters heard on 27/07/05 in Delhi High Court), Gita Dewan Verma
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