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Subject: Tensegrity and Octetruss models
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[...on short, short, soapbox...]

Some weeks ago, I posted a request for information regarding model building
systems for tensegrities or octetruss. So far, I have received no responses,
and no one has voiced similiar interests, so I am going to develop one myself.

I enjoy doing this kind of activity - it is in many ways relaxing. However,
it is difficult to accept that, of the one group in Usenet most likely to
have people interested in models of Fuller's designs, I am the only one.

[ soapbox...]

So I again ask, does anyone know of such model building systems ?

Has anyone out there designed such a modelling system for their own use ?
If you have, could you share your ideas on the design of system components ?

Some component issues of a tensegrity model as I see them:
tension member materials/forms
compression member materials/forms
tension-member to compression-member connection designs
compression-member to tension-member connection desings

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