ART. Kansas City Art Institute Interactive Performance on 30APR92.

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Preliminary Call For Participation

This is Gene Cooper from the Kansas City Art Institute. I am
currently working on an upcoming interactive performance utilizing
network communications. On Thursday, April 30 a group of students at the
Kansas City Art Institute will be presenting a series of individual and
group performances, myself included. The performance I am involved with
is interactive and somewhat experimental.

It will involve the links between individuals logged onto the network
and the audience at the Art Institute, in a type of interactive mode where
the audience and the participating individuals on the network communicate
in a semi-real time setting. The series of performances will begin around
7:00 central standard time and should last about 1-2 hours.

More information is available upon request for interested individuals.
Also keep in mind, I am always open for possible collaborations, criticism,
and comments. Thanks for your time!!!!

Gene Cooper
5841 Charlotte St Open the doors we find our way,
Kansas City, MO 64110 we look, we see, we smile,
Home: (816)523-7235 surely daybreaks cross our path
School: (816)561-4852 ext293 and stay maybe awhile.
Internet: [email protected]
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