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* Would your subject area benefit from an easily accessible
resource that contains details of European information sources,
subject specific databases, etc?

* Is there a bulletin board where you can post details of future
European conferences, seminars and workshops?

* Would your discipline benefit from wider electronic circulation
of an existing paper "newsletter" or do you have plans to
introduce one?

These three propositions would all contribute to improving
communication between European researchers. And they can be made
available to either the information provider or user at no charge.

COSINE, funded by the EC and the countries of western Europe,
provides a computer based communications infrastructure and range
of services to support the European researcher. The very fact
that you are able to read this message means that you have access
to the national research network in your country and thus to the
international services that COSINE provides.

CONCISE, one of COSINE's services, is a pan-European information
service that has a role to play in helping you to meet many of the
objectives outlined above.

CONCISE exists to assist you, the European researcher, in keeping
in touch with Europe. The information that is held on CONCISE can
be structured to meet the needs of any group of European
researchers. One of the Special Interest Groups on CONCISE - The
European Crystallographers for example, holds information on a
range of subject related topics. These include a list of National
Representatives with contact names and addresses, details of
forthcoming meetings and information on awards given out for
excellence in the field of crystallography. The information they
provide not only benefits those active in the realm of
Crystallography but those other interested parties who may wish to
participate in their events.

A pan-European research interest group would typically nominate an
individual to liaise with CONCISE. The representative would agree
how the groups information could be provided, the type of key
words that could apply, and so on. The group would then be free
to provide the information regularly according to their

CONCISE provides an ideal mechanism for communicating with other
researchers. There are no charges to either information providers
or to user: the information is freely available to all interested

CONCISE can contribute to communicating the activities of your
research interest group to a wider audience. To find out more,

The Helpdesk at CONCISE

Contact: Juliana Evans

Email: [email protected]


Fax: +44 344 868442
Tel: +44 344 360049 (09:00 to 17:00 Central European Time,
Monday to Friday, excluding UK public holidays)

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