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In response to art software,

A rather far reaching question. Brief answers, in addition to those you
have already received:

(All Macintosh-based)
Drawing,Illustration: Illustrator (Adobe), FreeHand
Image Manipulation: Photoshop (Adobe) (manipulate any image, pixel by pixel
esp. photographic or painterly images)
Page Layout: PageMaker (Aldus), Quark Xpress (most useful for design;
allows user to create publications of type + images)
HyperMedia: HyperCard (Apple/Claris), MacroMind Director (MacroMedia)
(authoring programs for interactive projects which
would allow one to combine, interactively, text,
images, video, animation, sound, etc. Fairly user
friendly, as these things go).
Video (digital): QuickTime (Apple/Claris) (one can easily manipulate video
which has been digitized, frame by frame with this
program and supporting programs. Currently, the
size and quality are not terribly impressive, but
like all technology, this will soon change.)

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