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Subject: Definition of Family
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I hope this is the correct list to send the inquiry to. I am a Planning
Commissioner in a university town. Until about 18 mo ago we had 2
governments--the city and county--which operated very differently and
had separate zoning ordinances. A few years ago, the County opted to
define a family as 2 unrelated individuals (the City remained at 4)
which resulted in a lawsuit from a landlord who was forced to kick
2 college students out of a rental property. The landlord lost in
court, therefore 2 unrelated persons living in the same household was
upheld as Constitutional.

The government has unified and we are in the process of combining the
2 zoning ordinances. The present recommendation is to stick to 2, but
there is strong pressure from the realty/landlord interests to take it
back to the old City limit of 4. This is only for areas that are zoned
"single family" and does not affect those zoned one and two family or
multifamily. On the other side, the homeowners where there are high
concentrations of rentals (especially near campus) want the number to
remain at 2, saying that there are ample alternatives in the one and
two family and multifamily markets. Let me add that the university's
dormitories are NOT at capacity as there is no on-campus residency
requirement for freshmen or any other group. Therefore there is no
lack of housing on campus, and we have numerous apartment complexes
(old and new) that are geared to the student market.

This is a highly charged issue with 2 components--economic and whether
zoning should be used to address behavior, or if there are better
alternatives. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can provide
me with some insight.

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