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Subject: VR
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From: Carl Loeffler <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 19:04:22 -0400
Organization: Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
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Carnegie Mellon University

Networked Virtual Reality

NETWORKED VIRTUAL ART MUSEUM technical demonstration, to be
conducted at the WORLDWIDE DESIGN CONFERENCE, Ford Motor Company,
Dearborn, Michigan, November 2, 1992.

The NETWORKED VIRTUAL ART MUSEUM is a project directed
by Carl Eugene Loeffler, Research Fellow, at the
Studio for Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts, CMU.
The project investigates telecommunications and virtual reality,
and provides a basis for multiple users located in distant
geographical locations to be conjoined in the same virtual,
immersion environment. The project employs telecommunication
hardware, as well as the hardware associated with virtual
reality: data eyephones and multi-directional navigation

The first technical demonstration was conducted September 11 and
12 between CMU and the EXPEDITION 92 conference, Munich, Germany.
Users at the participating sites had independent viewpoints and
ability to move objects within a shared immersion environment.
The link was formed by employing 9600 BAUD modems and a
telecommunication program developed by the project team. Update
delay was imperceptible over standard voice grade lines.

The Ford demonstration will feature a technical demonstration of
networked virtual reality as well as the presentation of two new
applications designed by Loeffler:

CAR- users navigate a Ford Festiva on two roadway courses:
a winter night scene, with snow; the other a Day scence with an
ocean view. Considerable attention is given to the ability to
interact with the controls of the automobile: Engine, Wipers,
lights, horn, radio, etc...

DESIGN- users render and shape a virtual substance, employing
special tools. This application is being presented as proof of
concept for a functional NETWORKED VIRTUAL DESIGN STATION (tm),
currently under development by the project team.

The project utilizes WorldToolKit, a virtual world development
program, available from Sense8 Corporation. The Virtual
Research head mounted display (HMD), the Ascension Technology 6-D
mouse (The Bird), and dual 486/50 compatibles, with DVI and MIDI
comprise the basic system.

Carl Eugene Loeffler
Project Director
Telecommunications and Virtual Reality
Studio for Creative Inquiry
College of Fine Arts
Carnegie Mellon University
Tel: (412) 268-3452
FAX: (412) 268-2829
Email: [email protected]
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