ARCHITECTURE: Venezuelan Telecommunications. Addendum.

This is a follow up on previous information about the architecture
students' telecommunications with others in the USA. Please join into
the experience. Thanks. Howard

- - The original note follows - -

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Howard :

Thanks for the help ! But better check on my last message,
because it states 4:00 pm and not 5:00 pm. Nevertheless don't
worry too much about it because we will probably still be
there at 5:00 pm if everything goes well...

In order not to rise overexpectations I want to make clear
that this is our very first contact, and as such very
unsophisticated !

There will be some one sitting by our computer, and he
will be bringing in and dishing out messages from our students.

Early in November we plan to establish a more collective
and interactive contact through some internet facility for
group communicating like Internet Relay Chat Access.

I would like your advice and suggestion on the subject
since I know very little about the matter.

We are all excited on the Monday event, and I hope
everything goes well !!

Be reading you

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