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Sorry about typing Metal instead of Mental on my last message.
The problem of late night typing.

What to do with metal maps?

Pretty much the same things that you can do with regular maps, only
better :). Planning using metal maps simply is the attempt to match
planning with what people think and feel. Many abstract and subjective
forces are at play, but they ma nifest themselves into very real actions
of people This affects the city. Metal maps must also be take as "real."
For instance, according to one's metal map, a dull, boring route will seem
much longer the a route of equal size with many activities or objects to
see along the way. A familiar area seems closer. For someone in who
lives in the suburbs to drive down town is nothing while for someone who
lives down-town to drive to the suburbs is a major undertaking.
Danger-zones are like huge mountains
on metal maps. It is usually worth it to go around them then through
them. All this causes "distortions" in metal maps and in the end, they
can look little like the physical scaled maps. The important thing to
remember is that if people are using thes e mental maps to make decisions,
why are planners using scaled maps that most people would not even
recognize? If a planner knows how to make something appear closer in
peoples' metal maps, they he can do so and increase activity in the area.
If a plann er knows that people will walk up to one kilometer inside the
Central Business District to go to some place yet not walk 400 meters
outside the central Business District for such and such a use, then he/she
will not plan such and such a use 400 meters out side the CBD. In
summery, metal maps are what people think is there, which as I said, is mo
plan a lot better and get much better results. The explanations is a bit
over-simplified, but I now turn to the members of this list to expand,
explode, research and most importantly, simply respond to the above
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