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o n l i n e a r c h i t e c t u u r s t u d e n t e n e i n d h o v e n
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Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Faculty of architure, building and planning.
Mail address : [email protected] ||| Gopher :
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the oase team : Henri Achten - Marc van Grootel - Roel Knapen
Jo Mantelers - Rob Robbers - Arthur Turksma - Marco Vlemmix
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> >Anyone who's interested in architecture: check out our OASE-gopher of
> >the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning in Eindhoven.
John Anderson replied on this invitation:
> Whats the address for the Gopher. I'm on a team trying to put together a
> gopher at Texas A & M university, and would like to see other examples.
> p.s. goos luck with your project, sounds like a LOT of work....
> Thank You
> John Anderson
> [email protected]
> No matter where you go, there you are.
The host/adress is
When you get to the root server of Eindhoven University of Technology (search
for the key OASE or Eindhoven with Veronica) choose Information Servers,
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and after that OASE.

Another architecture gopher is at Michigan, called Archigopher, and there
are several (although not much) more. Some are mentioned in the menus of
Michigan and OASE.

I hope your effort on starting an architecture gopher will be rewarding and
that we can exchange experiences and results on projects.


Henri Achten
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