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Invitation to Artists to Submit Proposals

The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland at College Park, in
collaboration with the UMCP Computer Science Department, and the Corcoran
Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, invites artists to make proposals for a
major exhibition during the fall of 1995. The theme of the exhibition is
"connectivity and media/interface," and will feature work that employs
electronic networks with multiple contributors and sites, and work that
incorporates interactivity and other innovative connections among artist,
artwork, and audience.

The call for proposals is being distributed internationally. A
curatorial committee, which will include staff from the Corcoran as well as
the Art Gallery will select work which demonstrates maturity of aesthetic
intent, a critical understanding of electronic technology and its impact on
culture, and an imaginative exploration of computer applications in the arts.
While the impetus for the exhibition comes from the historic domain of the
visual arts--art that can be experienced visually--we welcome proposals that
incorporate a range of media and modalities including sound, text, and
performance as well as image. Artworks which present themselves in
traditional "object" form for the wall or floor of the gallery space will be
included as well as the progressively ephemeral works for video monitor, crt
screen, and on-line transmission. In all cases, however, the focus will be
"connectivity and interface/media."

Special attention will be given to proposals which include the capacity
to reach off-site audiences via networks. Projects focussing on interaction
and exchange with schools and/or community groups in the Maryland and
Washington, DC region as well as more distant communities are encouraged.

Digital Village Related Programming

The Digital Village exhibition is part of a larger project (in
collaboration with the Corcoran Gallery of Art) which will include a number of
interdisciplinary events investigating the role of technology in today's
society. A scholarly symposium, guest lectures, multi-media performances,
seminars, and workshops will provide contexts for students, artists, scholars,
educators, and the general community to engage with the exciting and often
perplexing issues which digital technologies have laid at our doorstep.

The Art Gallery Exhibition Space

The Art Gallery was established at the University of Maryland at College
Park in 1966 and has had an active schedule of exhibitions, catalogue
publication, student involvement and public events throughout the 28 years of
its existence. The Gallery also houses a permanent collection consisting
primarily of 20th century prints and drawings from the U.S., Europe, and
Japan, traditional African sculpture, and a small number of paintings and

The current 4000 square foot exhibition space was constructed in 1975
specifically as an exhibition space with museum quality environmental and
security controls, lighting, and access. The Gallery is run by a staff of
four full-time professionals and a number of part-time and student assistants.

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals to DIGITAL VILLAGE

Each proposal should contain:
1. Concept statement of 1 or 2 pages.
2. Description of space requirements; approximate ground plan if an
3. Technical description and requirements including hardware and
software; indicate what you would provide as part of the artwork.
4. List of any consumable supplies required by users/viewers during the
course of the exhibition, approximately 2 months duration.
5. Description of maintenance and technical supervision required during
the course of the exhibition.
6. Visual documentation of proposed work (or similar work which you have
previously presented): 35mm slides, photographs, VHS video, sample
7. Brief (2-3 pages) resume(s) of artist(s). Both individual artists
and collaborative proposals are welcome. Include address, telephone
number and e-mail address for each participant.
8. If one or more specific sites are part of a proposal involving
distribution and exchange, give the name and address of each site, a
paragraph description of the institution or group, and the name of
the contact person with whom you've discussed your proposal. (If you
are making a network-oriented proposal, but do not have specific
sites in mind, please simply describe the type of sites and audience
exchange you imagine. The Art Gallery has already begun exploring
regional connections and welcomes your ideas to be implemented in
this context.)

Proposal deadline is May 1, 1994.

Proposals should be sent to:Digital Village
The Art Gallery
Art-Sociology Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Review of proposals and curatorial decisions are expected to be completed by
September 1, 1994.

If you have technical or procedural questions about the exhibition or the
proposal guidelines, please contact Rob Blitz at The Art Gallery at
301-405-2763 or email [email protected]
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