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Hi - did any here join the Landscape Architecture WWW? A message
reached us a week ago ...

note to announce the opening of a Landscape
Architecture WWW site. I know there are a few LA's who hang out here, and
many of the links will be of interest to Planners as well - actually there
is a whole section devoted to planning, although that section is a bit
jumbled right now, the links all work and I am working on it as I have time.

In any case the URL is:

I welcome any rants and raves - and also check out the larger Global
Village Navigator, which has access links to piles of good stuff - the
whole thing is part of a joint thesis project by myself and Greg Searle.
the Global Village Navigator can be reached from the second link on the
first page you will see with the above URL.
I would like to know if there's much information available there yet?
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