Re: ARCHITECTURE: Ratings of USA Schools.

>seems like there's a number of people out there looking to get into
>architecture and are wondering about 'good''s a rating of
>undergraduate and graduate arch. programs in the U.S., ENJOY!!
>1. UC Berkeley
>2. MIT
>3. Carnegie-Mellon
>4. Princeton
>5. Cornell
>6. Michigan (Ann Harbor)
>7. Illinois (Urbana)
>8. Georgia Tech
>9. Rice
>10. Southern Cal (USC)
>11. Texas (Austin)
>12. Pratt (N.Y.)
>13. Minnesota (Twin Cities)
>14. Cinncinati
>15. Kansas
>16. Oklahoma
>17. Rensselaer (N.Y.)
>18. Arizona
>19. Washington (Seattle)
>20. Washington (St. Louis)

>SOURCE: The Gourman Report, A Rating of Undergraduate Programs in America
>and International Universities by Dr. J Gourman 8th Ed. 1993

Interesting...Illinois doesn't even award a BArch degree and we're #7.
Wonder if we move up in the Grad school rankings if we stopped awarding a
Jory Johnson
University of Illinois
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