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*APMM Conference - San Francisco, 3-6 September, 1994

The Association of Professional Model Makers promotes model
making as an integral part of the design process. The objectives
of the APMM are to expand the use of three-dimensional models
in industry, science and government, to promote effective
communication between designers and model makers, and to support
the advancement of model making tools and technologies.

This year's conference will explore the gamut of model making
disciplines, tools and techniques. There will be a series of
workshops, case studies, seminars and special events.

Speakers include:

Robert Bellicitti, Supervisor of Design Visualization, Apple
Computer, Inc.

Richard Coleman, Principal, Coleman and Associates, former
director model shop operations for 3DI International.

Phillip G. Edwards, President, Edwards Management Group,
a provider of financial and management services to design
and service firms.

Douglass Finnegan, Co-founder, Insight Design, offering
photo-chemical machining services to model makers.

John Fishman, Project Director, Hasbro Toys which counts
G.I. Joe and Cabbage Patch Kids among its many successful

Kelly Hand, APPM President and Manager of Satellite Models.

Bob Kelly, Product Development Specialist, Dow Corning Corp.,
widely recognized as an expert in the use of silicone rubber
for mold making applications.

R. Joseph Lindsey, Senior Account Executive, EDS Unigraphics.

Bill Oliver, Applications Engineer, CAMCO.

John C. Olvera, Professor of Art and Design, Winthrop

Tom Palecki, Principal, Pear Design and founder of Pear
Custom Guitars.

Mark Primavera, Vice-President, Dynacept Co., Inc.,

Margaret Spaulding, Principal, Margaret Spaulding Associates,
marketing consultants.

F. Karl Strahlendorf, Design Sculptor, Mercedes Benz.

Kip Thompson, Technical Division Manager, Scale Models

Walt Disney Imagineering (Dave Burkhart, Vice-President
Show Quality and Standards; Bill Vanek, Manger of Dimensional
Design; Todd Neubrand, Dimensional Designer) is responsible
for creating major rides and attractions at Disney theme
parks worldwide

Dean Weldon, President, Academy Studio with more than 17
years experience in museum exhibitions.

Richard Wong, Design Visualization Studio Manager, IDEO.

Special Productions will include eight film makers discussing the
making of Tim Burton's *The Nightmare Before Christmas*

Registration Fees are $275 for APMM members and $350 for non
-members. Hotel accommodation at the prestigious San Francisco
Marriott has been arranged at the very special rate of $115
(single or double). American Airlines are offering discounted fares to
conference attendees and their families.

For further information please contact (and mention IDFORUM);
APMM Conference,
P.O.Box, 470278,
San Francisco,
CA 94147-0278
Fax: 415 921 8081
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