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it would be great if the educational culture
was open to the idea of questioning design to
this extent, yet in my experience it is about
controlling what is talked about, made relevant
and real within the academic structure, and the
only way to hold onto the legitimacy of often-
times failing systems (including ideologies) is
through censorship and editing out of dissenting
views or other options which are based on other
values (such as social/cultural aspects of design,
incorporated into goals, etc.) to a degree that
often becomes (politically/economically/socially)
uncomfortable to a degree that the fantasy-world
of architecture, completely irrelevant in many
ways on these same issues, has to look at itself
and justify its approaches (modernism, no less)
without the capacity to generate other options
near term that can challenge and change the way
all existing systems function. allowing 'open'
discourse is one way to let off the pressure-
buildup and incorporating ideas that are needed
to change and survive and thrive, imaginations,
yet even this is 'controlled' (online, now too)
by the same peoples. what is represented is thus
an archaism of an idea that is not archaeological
as much as just plain dead, vacantly ideological.
there's no future in it, as it cannot be allowed.
the past is ideal, utopia, to which we now return.
i wish i could hack a bit as i would do what you
say here, start protesting this way of education.

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All NAAB schools should have this listserv clearly accessible from them.

All old links for the original listserv should be directed to this new listserve.

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