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The proposed reenactment of the Barnes Foundation is largely being done to
not further upset the strict Barnes Foundation Charter, which states the art
collection must hang in perpetuity as Barnes hung the art.

Barnes made all his money in pharmacology.

2 January 1872 Albert Barnes born in Kensington, a working-class
Philadelphia neighborhood; 1466 Cook Street (now Wilt Street).

24 July 1951 Albert Barnes died in an automobile accident at age 78.

[24-25 July 326 Helena Augusta dies at Naples.
24-25 July 2003 Marcus Ormerod and Howard Ray Lawrence issue a 'law of
silence' --

just a nice coincidence -- ]

Just located 1466 Wilt Street at -- it's about a half mile
southeast of where I was baptized, and about three-quarters of a mile
east-northeast of where St. John Neumann is lying under an altar.

Wonder where the auto accident happened.

I think I like Barnes' Matisse collection best of all.

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