Re: To Thing or not to Thing

Here's one person's perspective (mine):

To relate to a thing in its thinging is to follow the path which one's
encounter with it opens up. Example (from now painful personal experience):
In examining a computer program, I notice a line of code which looks "funny".
There is no busy-ness / pragmatic reason for pursuing this little "voice",
because my employer has assigned me to interact with the code in terms of
making its functionality be modified in a certain way (and this line of code
has nothing to do with that assignment). If I "go about my busy-ness", I
have related to the thing *demandingly*, whereas if I follow up on that
unforeseen event, then I let the thing (be the) thing (it is).

*On another hand, however*, I think it is relevant also to pursue another
line of thought here: What is one to do about a thing thinging when the thing
is (e.g.) a carcinoma in one's own body?

Brad McCormick

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