Re: A Question about "On the Essence of Truth" (fwd)

Okay Martin. This is starting to make some sense, though I am having
difficulty understanding comportment in an other way than as a relation.
In addition, certainly you must admit that man enters into this discourse
suddenly and out of nowhere, though perhaps Heidegger was presupposing it
all along.

Still, may I ask you to translate the following sentence into terms that
I might understand once again: "The relation of the presentative
statement to the thing is the accomplishment of that *bearing* which
originally and always comes to prevail as a comportment" (1977, 124).
Please treat me as a philosophical neophyte and tell me exactly what you
think the passage means. In fact, I would appreciate it if you (or
anyone) could explain to me section 2. I can understand the first
paragraph and the first half of the second, then I get hopelessly lost,
though slowly but surely it is falling in to focus. I can tell I'm close
to getting it. Thanks for your help.


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