termination and finitude

after poring through several dull essays on levinas v. heidegger, i happened
upon a brilliant article comparing arnold schwartzenagger and martin heidegger.
it's in philosophy today volume 32, 1988, p. 150-161. for those on this list
who haven't read it, i would reccomend it highly : i always felt somewhat
irritated with mh's silly germanic machismo, and this article helped to confirm
my suspicions. i was also wondering if anyone knew the publishing history of
this article. it seems to have been written by a weightlifter who took some
required humanities class in which his manic professor forced people to digest
mh. does anyone know who the writer was or did anyone on the list teach him?
does anyone know about the process through which his paper manifested itself in
the pages of philosophy today?

-- mitch

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