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> Getting started is a problem.
> You can probably read some of the later stuff profitably without knowing
> Being and Time. Say, "Introduction to Metaphysics"

I have read Being and Time a bit, although it would be fun to learn it a
lot better. His technical language does not yet stick with me. I think
that ontic refers to the being of idle talk, for example, but I'm not
sure without trying to go back to my notes. Also, I fumble with
present-at-hand and ready-to-hand (??), but I have gotten the sense of
the hammer being equipment.

But I would like to get started in his later philosophy. I'm interested
in the linguistic turn. I have a sense that Heidegger talks about the way
in which metaphor, or poetry, illuminates reality and turns it into Being.
That's the process that captivates me. But where to start.


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