[eebill] "Policy" to steal from children DMP land for schools

Express Newsline has today a news report about
"policy", under consideration of LG on recommendation
of sub-group on social infrastructure for DMP-2021, to
allow Nursery schools in homes and change norms for
schools in general.

The report suggests this is yet another one for
exciting "mixed-land-use". It is not. It is shameless
(besides illegal, without jurisdiction, etc) bid to
rob children.

The MPISG matters were heard today and DDA was
directed to file additional reply in two weeks. The
questions about misuse that it and other respondents
have skirted in court since December 2003 have been
raised since 2000. Frankly, a more suitable "prayer"
might have been for directions against pious noises
about education. (Links to petition, etc, are at end
of the post at the above url)

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