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was the free-seats matter heard on 02/09/05?

---Express Newsline reported on 05/09/05:
...Private schools told to explain by September 9 why
they haven?t reserved 25 pc seats for poor... Taking
strong note of the dilly-dallying by the private
schools, acting Chief Justice B.A. Khan and Justice
Madan B.Lokur in a stern direction on September 2,
asked them to respond why orders issued as early as
January 20, 2004, to keep a fixed number of seats
reserved for the poor, have not been complied with...

---order of 25/08/05 on web, however, says:
CM Nos.10352/2005 and 10403/2005
The applications are allowed to the extent that the
would be heard in this case, whenever necessary.
W.P.(C) 3156/2002
Vice Chairman, DDA, Director of Education, and Land
and Development Officer are present. Ms. Ahlawat,
learned counsel for Director of Education has
submitted an affidavit accompanied by three charts
showing the position of compliance or default by
various unaided but recognised schools to whom land
was allotted by DDA and LandDO at concessional rates.
A copy of this affidavit and the attached charts be
supplied to all concerned parties through their
counsel who are required to obtain these copies from
the chamber of Ms.Ahlawat. Ms.Ahlawat is also required
to submit a list of defaulters who have not complied
with the stipulation of the lease deeds or allotment
letters, with a copy to Mr.Rakesh Khanna, advocate or
any other counsel representing these defaulters who
are requiredto file their reply within one week. It
shall, meanwhile, be open to the Action Committee of
the schools to hold any meeting with the DDA Vice
Chairman, Director of Education, LandDO and Mr.Ashok
Agarwal, advocate for exploring a via media for
compliance of the order passed by this Court. All the
connected writ petitions pending before the Writ Court
and filed by members of the Action Committee be sent
to this Court on the next date.
List on 13.9.2005.

my application, CM No 10352/2005, is at:

> My contention is that free-seats condition is an
> instrumentality of DMP-2001 Neighbourhood School
> Plan
> (NSP itself being instrumentality for common school
> system as proposed by Kothari Commission). Order of
> 20/01/04 did not contain directions for action
> against
> ubiquitous violation of free-seats condition by
> schools but for GNCTD to, in effect, put in place
> the
> enabling NSP for its compliance. Order of 27/10/04
> directs action against violations impeding NSP and
> specifically notes also violations by GNCTD. As
> such,
> it complements Order of 20/01/04 and favours a
> different approach for its compliance than the one
> being pursued in its name since early 2004 and being
> urged again now.

all parties to whom it is open to explore a via media
for compliance are aware of this option. maybe some
school will explore it now.

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