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--- Nitin Sinha <[email protected]> wrote:

the latest news involves a representation given by
JNTU dept for govt advising it to include the Planning
syllabus for the state group services ...


[JNTU is the univ] and i though i was frog-in-well!!
the state, sweeties, does not heed plannerly advice
and is currently speaking of phasing out the plg
course altogether - tell all, poonam, since no
believes me - obv since global paradigms dont make
planning sense and civil-society wannabe planner. if
anyone wants to talk about this, lets please, please,
please, do on [email protected]

rgds, gita

i think principles of planning should be taught in
high school

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[mpisgmedia] Anything that supports planning, Nitin Sinha
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