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From: ESG India <[email protected]>
To: Moushumi Ghosh Roy <[email protected]>


We are workiing with the Directorate of Municipal Adminstration of Karnataka, Dept of Environment and forests, and the Raichur City Council in developing a comprehensive SWM strategy for raichur City in North Karnataka over the past year. We have developed many insights into the problem, but there is overwhelming evidence that the reckless initiatives introduced in bringing in large scale infrastructural development, has largely limited the chances of integrating a human centred process of SWM. What I can broadly state is that there is needless reliance on collection and transport technologies, quite unsuited to local situations, and most often not at all involving local skills.

It is a very complicated case for me to comment on what we can do to get out of this technocratic minded engagement, that seems now to be epidemic across the country.. This initiative to bring the focus back on the Wastepickers (both itinerant and organised) and make their rights and roles central to SWM work could not have been more timely.

I am in Delhi on the 14th for a meeting, and in case I can manage to stay, then I will most certainly attend this meeting. Failing which I will be grateful for notes.

best wishes

leo Saldanha
Environment Support Group

On Dec 12, 2004, at 6:40 PM, Moushumi Ghosh Roy wrote:

Dear Friends,

Wastepickers and kabaris are indispensable to recycling because they pick and sort the waste, bail it according to the types and clean it up. The recyclers of Delhi are our biggest allies in our quest for segregation. In spite of being the backbone of the recycling chain in India, they are a deprived and marginalized group.

Currently, there is an intensive process of planning for solid waste handling and recycling in Delhi, yet the third Master Plan, which is still being drafted, has not included the informal recycling sector. One of the reasons is that there have not been any discussions in the public realm about how to upgrade or streamline the waste recyclers.

There is an immediate need for the city to look a new at the entire informal sector of waste management and devise ways of recognising, appreciating, and strengthening its contribution to civic life.

To bring this issue to the public realm, the Habitat World is organising a panel discussion on this issue on 15
December 2004 at India Habitat Centre at 6.30p.m. The speakers will include those from the government, NGOs and the sector itself.

We would appreciate if you could take out time from your busy schedule to join us for this event and make valuable contributions to generate a public opinion so that we can impress upon the policy makers to include them in city?s planning process.

Looking forward to see you,

Moushumi Ghosh Roy


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