[mpisgmedia] Lawyers NGO helpline - for implementing a stayed directive?

[I think court stayed the 20% directive on 15/04/05:
It is, in any case, challenged there by hundreds of
schools, with this lawyer-NGO as intervener]

Asian Age, 20/04/05:
NGO starts helpline for kids denied admission
- By Our Correspondent
Ravish Kumar is one of the many students whose parents
have lost hopes of getting him admitted to a public
Social Jurist, a non-government organisation, has
launched a helpline for children from low economic
background who face difficulties in getting admission
to public and private schools. More than 15 complaints
are received every day from parents who are harassed
by school authorities. Despite the Delhi high court's
directive and the Delhi government's education
department's assurance that 25 per cent seat will be
reserved in public and private schools for students
from low economic background, there has been no
positive change.
"We are receiving many calls on the helpline where
parents complain that school authorities are not
entertaining their admission forms. In some cases,
children are called for interviews and then are
rejected without giving any concrete reasons to the
parents," said advocate Ashok Agarwal, who is running
the helpline and has filed a petition in the court on
the same issue.
A large number of parents have approached various
public schools but most of the schools refused
admission to them. According to the organisation,
several complaints have been lodged with the concerned
nodal officers by the aggrieved parents.
According to Mr Agarwal, last year official figures
stated that as many as 7,698 students belonging to the
weaker section of the society were given admission by
public schools.
"This figure is solely based on the information
supplied by the schools. No officer has ever verified
the correctness of this information. This figure is
bogus and manipulated," said Mr Agarwal, who has sent
a letter in this regard to chief minister Sheila


and how come this hopeless helpline, and not the court
hearing of 15/04/05, is news?
[cf, Daily Pioneer, 30/03/05
Briefs: Helpline
Social Jurist, a civil rights group, has started a
helpline to provide a helping hand to the children of
weaker sections seeking admission to public schools
under the category of weaker sections and also the
other children facing any kind of difficulty with
government schools]


for the umpteenth time, the free seats condition is
part of a statutory common school system scheme and
cannot be implemented in isolation, nor can a CSS be
extrapolated from it. the scheme is proposed to be
abandoned in DMP2021. it has already been
humpty-dumptied with synergestic ooze and oomph that
the education bill proposes to legislate. cf, also

UN facelift plan for NDMC schools


Global classrooms becoming a reality


so what's the line? who for the help?

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