[mpisgmedia] Sultangarhi: CAG also reveals scam!!

paragraph tucked away at bottom of:

'DDA flouted Masterplan'
DDA lost money and face as it flouted the Masterplan,
while awarding contracts for construction of
residential plots in a rural land use area in
Mahipalpur, a CAG report said. The sites were
categorised as rural use in Masterplan 2001 and were
not available for construction, CAG said. The
contracts were challenged and in keeping with a HC
directive, DDA, which paid the contractors Rs 1.49 cr,
asked them to stop building till further orders. CAG
said DDA blocked Rs 1.49 cr because of its violation
of the Masterplan.

| does any one have / know how to get this CAG report?
| and how to ask or tell CAG more re Sultangarhi?

| post re scam-reveal-scam report of yesterday:

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