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if I were the book-walas planner, I would advise as
1. mcd has issued public notice invitation to all to
be on vending committee to decide who hawks what and
where, so accept in writing or write to ask who-has
and for instructions to this mcd saran or that d-ganj
sho to speak to them through vending committee as per
national policy
2. dda has issued public notice for dmp2021, so write
to remind weekly markets were and are part of plan and
mcd was and is part of dda, etc, all in intro to
public notice suggestion of listing all heritage
weekly markets in trade & commerce, heritage and urban
design chapters

for bhagidaari bonhomie:
3. send thanku cards khushwant sing, ruchir joshi & HT
(HT has claimed impact)
4. start signature support from customers, with HT &
ToI reports to help

for wicked fun:
5. ask for ladies ngo address to buy, with
picture-books for design ideas for ladies market and
recipe books for non-veggie hall, ticket for flying in
that pilot-project that kapil sibal is footing the
bill for

for gawd-sake:
6. stop issuing to mcd beggarly representations
instead of show-cause prose
7. stop giving silly whining quotes like

if I were the kabadi walas planner, I would adv same,
with more oye since they were specifically mentioned
in dmp2001 and dmp2021 has ditched the mention and in
view of completely different tune on eligibility mcd
has been singing in defence of manushi rehdis w/o
wheels etc

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