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Abhi kya udhar Mall banega, ya phir music video ki shooting hogi? [Foam
houses mein hota yehi hai] How come the biggest vampire, its mouth always
reddened with bribe, has not been discovered for a Hollywood blockbuster yet
[because what would H'wood do for stories if there wasn't sex and
vampires--be it king, queen, consort, duke duchess or housemaid, they all go
the same way, either to sex or to blood] and --it would certainly make good
footage-- 'fome' houses, music video shoots, debauched Councillers, evil
bureaucrats, and fashion shows that feature no clothes, only three triangles
held in place by some string, and sundry volumes of cloth seemingly stitched
in a madhouse.
MCD suddenly condoning the "authorised", scrapping the 'unauthorised' book
bazaar just shows where the city is leading its residents--to malls and
mauls. Or have they been paid off by some stealthy book dealer who could n't
compete with the prices offered by the book bazaar? Its best to always think
the worst [so MCD has taught us].
What about Sainik Farms---is that authoried? And all the mixed land use
recommended in the draft DMP--- is that goung to make the city better for
its citizens?
Who said the Pandavas won? Not in Delhi. They lost and continue to lose year
after year since 'Independence'; What independence? Whose? That Delhi is the
land of Duryodhana is proven over and over again. Together they will make a
Tuglaqabad out of Delhi, on its way to becoming Mohe-jo-daro. Actually that
would be fair, too. Our crusty archaeologists have never stopped ruing the
fact that our star historical attraction, Harappa -Mohenjodaro have gone to
Pakistan, and for years have been trying to dig up imaginary mounds at
Narela etc, trying to find traces of H&M right here in Delhi. Never mind,
now they wont have to dig any more; for under MCD's sudden and misplaced
'legal' drive to be backed soon by a heinous DMP 2021, we will soon have
our very own Harapna & Dilli-jo-daro.
Ever disghusted of MCD wickedness,
Aruna Bhowmick.

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HT, front-page, 25/06/05

Death of an institution

Sunset for Sunday book bazaar

Vibha Sharma
New Delhi, June 24

For many it means the abrupt end of a chapter of easy
delight. The four-decade-old book market at Daryaganj
held every Sunday is being shut down by the Municipal
Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the police.

The market is a book-lovers heaven: From the cheapie
to the cheesy - the Sidney Sheldon pulp to Shakespeare
classics and 'A Max Weber Reader' published by Methuen
at prices you can afford.

"There are more than 200 shopkeepers, for whom the
bazaar is the only source of livelihood. Half the
market has already been cleared," said Sunday Book
Bazaar Patri Welfare Association President Subhash
Chand Aggarwal. Attempts have been made twice earlier.
in 1992 and 2001, to remove the book market.

MCD's HPS Saran said even though the bazaar has been
on for 40 years, it is an unauthorised affair. "The
shopkeepers have given a representation and we will se
how they can be accommodated," he said.

Eminent writer Khushwant Singh is appalled at the MCD
decision. "The bazaar is a real treasure. It has quite
a few books that cannot be found at any of the book
stores. I have managed to find some rare pieces for my
personal collection," he said.

Writer Ruchir Joshi is outraged: "The MCD which is
itself responsibe for some of the most ugliest forms
of architecture, is squeezing every bit of human
activity in the city. Just the atmosphere of so many
people interested in books is so enthralling. I have
found some great gems at the bazaar."

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