[Redevelopment] Public Notice for industries battle lost? or fighting chance won?

Weekend newspapers are likely to carry a Public Notice
inviting for 30 days our objections and suggestions on
a do-it-yourself-at-your-cost bhagidari idea for
industries -- to be added to the industrial area
redevelopment option that DMP-2001 cautiously opened
up (for just 3 areas against nearly 3000 Ha of
development options).

Industries, still continuing to be shut, are likely to
welcome out of no choice this proposition. The buzz is
that politicians want them to respond in large numbers
in *support*. The Public Notice might be thus
*managed*, the *crisis* diffused, but not resolved,
left to simmer for later. Or, in the divide-and-loot
pattern in this affair since 1999, certain experts,
NGOs, etc, might *vote against* ? not the idea, but
industries ? followed by pious pleadings in Court
against unholy act of state-as-politician using
affidavits, reports, etc, of state-as-administrator,
to paint industries as culprits, confuse development
law for penal code, etc, etc.

This Public Notice is not for industries, but for a
wayward state, trying to change definition of
redevelopment, and by extension of development, so as
to get rid of development responsibilities for which
it has development powers, notably over public land
acquired over nearly half-century only for development
according to Plan, powers that it would rather use to
plunder and sell.

What Express Newsline has already reported, with
misleading title, etc, suggests the battle is already
But this Public Notice is a *WIN*. Despite stiff odds
of political consensus and divide-and-loot discourse,
the shift from unlawful ordinance, enabling provision
and whatnot to lawful s.11A Public Notice, from
regularisation to redevelopment is a *WIN*.

I think this Public Notice offers to those who believe
in equity and efficiency and conflict-freedom and
suchlike that lawful planned development stands for ?
not just for lawful compliance through statutory
solution for industries, but for all other matters in
regularisation limbo and redevelopment haste ? a good
fighting chance.

I am reserving for this Public Notice the mail-list

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