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I Received about 20 copies of this. Please check how you are sending it.

> Hello!! everybody:
> We are a group of students of Computer Systems Engineering at ITESO
>University, in Guadalajara Mexico. Each year a symposium of subjects, items
>and tutorials related to our studies is organized by students of this
>career, supported by our University, Corporations and Institutes (like IEEE
>of Mexico) to make it possible, and this year is our turn.
> With this goal, we are using this media to get in touch with people
>related to or interested in computers, to ask them for some help and/or
>support in contacting conferencists or people that give tutorials.
>The topics that we are focused in are :
> * Multimedia * Networks
> * Virus * CASE Tools
> * OOP * Unix
> * Etc..
> This event will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico from September 21 to
>25 of the present Year.
> If you want to help us or you know someone that would and could,
>please contact us.
> Thank you in advance for your atention and colaboration.
> Sincerely, Jose M. Rodarte M.
> Committe of conferences.
>[email protected]
>[email protected]
>ITESO University.
>Guadalajara, Mexico.

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