ART: Nudes. Feminism.

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Subj: sex positive feminism

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Subject: sex positive feminism
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Anyone who thinks that sex positive feminism disallows nudity in a sexual
content is working with blinders on. This means that you must disallow the
works of Pat Califia (Macho Sluts), SAMOIS (Coming to Power), Suzie Bright
(Suzie Sexpert's books, _On Our Backs_), Annie Sprinkle (performance art
pieces), Kathy Acker (writer, _Hannibal Lecter, my brother_), and many,
many other tough, capable feminist writers and artists who are determined
to reinscribe the erotic without exploitation.

Read RE/Search's last issue, _Angry Women_, for more background on these
and other joyful, powerful, angry, sex-positive feminist artists.

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