Re: Learning Styles

There is a conference that will be held in Sarasota, Florida later this year
which might provide some valuable information to you. Allen De Bevoise co-
founder of AND Communications Inc. has developed both Mac and IBM compatible
interactive programs to "promote reading and writing skills and to help users
attain higher levels of visual and cultural literacy through an interactive
multimedia prsentation of knowledge".
Dr. Kristina Hooper Woolsey, Director of Apple Computer's Multimedia Lab
was trained as a cognitive scientist. She has extended her perspective into the
the development of imagebased technologies in learning.
Both of these experts will be leading the presentations at the National
Council of Art Administrators conference in November. If this sounds like some-
thing you can make use of, let me know and I'll do what I can to put you in
touch with someone who knows these people personally or at least can maybe
help you gain access to the information they have been collecting. Maybe
you are already familiar with these two individuals?
Tim Glotzbach, Chair
Department of Art
Eastern Kentucky Univ.
[email protected]
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