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Dear Art-Support members,
When I started the two lists, ArtNet and Art-Support I was full of good
intentions. Since then it has become apparant that there is not enough
general traffic to support both the lists as they are now. I know that some
of you are subscribed to both lists, but many more people are only subbed
to ArtNet. I have decided to keep the [email protected] an open list and make
[email protected] list a closed list for people in UK art-education.
This means that most of the current members of Art-Support will have to be
moved onto ArtNet. I don't think this will be much of a problem as the list
is almost inactive.
Those of you who qualify as UK art education workers, of whatever ilk, are
encouraged to identify yourselves and stay on the list. I will be making
efforts to encourage representatives from around the UK Universities and
Polys to join up and contribute.
I am also willing to consider membership applications from those outside
the UK who have an interest in joining or remaining on the list.
I am currently writing the new Art-Support introduction and will circulate
it in the near future. I would welcome any response to this move, which I
see as a postive step for online art communication. I hope to hear from you
In the meantime, see you at ArtNet.

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