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At EKU we have started a policy in our Art Aesthetics class, that
all students must be on Art related E-mail lists. The purpose of this is
so that students may have a broader input range in aesthetic issues.
We have just finished chapters on Beauty and Ugliness. The issues in the
next chapters are on Veiwer-Centered Aesthetic Issues and Meaning and
Subjects covered in the chapters include
- Who learns from Art?
- Imitation and Reality
- Icons, Symbols, Figurative Modes
- Meaning, Interpretation, and Truth
- Taste
- The Viewer's Emotion
- The Role of Thought in Aesthetic Response

All input would be greatly appreciated in helping to make our class
extraordinary in its scope. We also hope that it will help in other classes
as well. The texts we are using are "Basic Issues in Aesthetics", Eaton and
"Puzzles about Art", Battin.

Thank you for your help and insights

-Robert L. Wilkirson
-Student Art Ed. @ EKU
[email protected]
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