ART: TISEA Conference, Sydney, Australia.

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Subject: Call for Telecommunications & Software Art
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Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 17:53:44 GMT
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Telecommunications and software artists are invited to create,
initiate, or post online works, or send computer software for
display and interaction at the Third International Symposium on
Electronic Art (TISEA) to be held Nov. 9-13, 1992 in Sydney,

TISEA will be the most significant symposium on electronic arts
culture ever staged in Australia. An international forum for artists,
scientists, musicians, critics, theorists and performers, TISEA will
provide a unique opportunity to explore questions concerning recent
developments in science, art, and technology and their impact on the
evolution of culture.

TISEA online activities include an open participation virtual panel
entitled "Cultures in Cyberspace" and a Public Access Terminal, from
which TISEA participants can access art networking systems and projects.
TISEA will also make available standalone computers for the display
of artists' software.

If you would like to display works on the Public Access Terminal or
the standalone computers, please send project description, biography, and
technical and/or equipment requirements if any immediately via email to
ANAT, Anna Couey, and Sue Harris and Phillip Bannigan.

Software artists are requested to send works on floppy disk by Oct 7,
1992, to directly to ANAT. Display machines include IBM, Amiga, and
MAC (Please note that the Australian video standard is PAL).

If you would like to participate in "Cultures in Cyberspace," please
contact Anna Couey for further information.


Australian Network for Art & Technology
P.O. Box 8029 Hindley St.
5000 Australia
email: [email protected]

Anna Couey
1077 Treat
San Francisco
CA 94110 USA
tel: 1.415.826.6743
email: [email protected]

Susan Harris & Phillip Bannigan
P.O Box 429
Eastwood S.A.
5063 Australia
fax: 61.8.373.3756
email: [email protected]
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