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Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 22:02:56 GMT
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A FAX Art Installation: Brighton, ENGLAND

"Open to all. Open all day. Open all May"

FAX number: (0273) 818352 (Great Britain)
FAX number: +44 273 818352 (rest of world)

FAXes accepted 15th April - 31st May, 1993.
Xhibition open to the public 1st - 31st May.

TELAESTHESIA: "the supposed perception of distant occurences or
objects otherwise than by the recognized senses."
(Concise Oxford dictionary)


SUMMARY NUMBER 2: 17th May 1993.

To date [17th May], the gallery has received 651 sheets of FAX artwork
from as far afield as:

Japan, USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany as well as the UK.

I estimate that 60-80 people have contributed to this project. The
exhibition has been a great success as part of the Brighton
International Arts Festival. Over 150 people visit the exhibition site
each weekday, and over 1000 people have visited each weekend. The show
is open to the public every day of the week until the 31st May and is
still accepting artwork for "TELAESTHESIA".

14-16 sheets of artwork can be displayed to the public at any one time
in the TELAESTHESIA room. The artwork is photocopied several times onto
coloured paper, which are then pasted together to form long strips of
'wallpaper'. Each strip is then hung between two long, horizontal
wooden dowels so that they are given the appearance of a large scoll.
This method of display was chosen as a compromise between sticking paper
directly onto the walls and framing the artwork for display.
Each scroll is approximately 4.5 feet long.

ALL of the remaining FAXed artwork is permanently on display in a set of
books inside the gallery. Visitors to the installation are actively
invited to leaf through these books to see the range and diversity of
artwork that has been sent by generous contributors. These range from
'scratch & sniff wallpaper', to FAXes of real (textured!) wallpaper that
has been stripped from an office wall and then fed directly into a FAX
machine. The most experimental contributions that have been received to
date are those from the Belgium mail artist Guy Bleus. Guy shakes and
hold the fax sheets as they feed into the fax machine in order to
'stretch' and manipulate the images as they are scanned by the machine.
In this way, an entirely unique interpretion arrived at the destination
which even he has not seen. Many other contributors are using FAX/modem
cards on their computers to send electronically-generated images
directly to the TELAESTHESIA site.

Every two days - as new material arrives in the FAX machine, new wallpaper
strips are put up in place of the 'old' paper. A set of large loudspeakers
hang from two corners of the room emitting radio noises, to remind the
visitors that the artwork has arrived from distant shores through
satelite and cable links. A cluster of five telephone handsets dangle on
their cords from the ceiling above the FAX machine. The FAX machine
itself sits on a pedestal in one corner of the room as the star of the show!

TELAESTHESIA: The theme...

This is an international call for FAX ART: the (techno)logical successor
to mail art. Throughout May 1993, visitors to the largest Arts Festival
in England will be invited to enter an extraordinary gallery where YOU
can control both the environment AND the contents of the show, remotely,
with your local FAX machine.

We invite YOU to help decorate the gallery. Design a vertically-
repeating wallpaper pattern on a sheet of paper and FAX it to us. We
will then make several copies of the design, attach them together
and then 'hang' your strip of wallpaper in our gallery. We invite you
also to FAX other 'ornaments' for the gallery walls: clocks, decorative
plates, flying ducks - let your imagination run wild!

The theme of the Xhibition is "telaesthesia". We invite you to FAX to
us your visual interpretations of the five known human senses and/or
your experiences beyond the sixth sense. All artwork received will be
displayed in our 'newly decorated' gallery space.


Please distribute this message freely. Thank You.

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