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Call For Fax Artists!

The OtherArt Gallery, an alternative veiwing space located on the
Southern Oregon State College campus (Ashland, Oregon)
is currently accepting faxes for an all new fax exhibition entitled
"Faxing Realties".

The intent of this show is to challenge the veiwiers in their definitions
of "ART"; subject matter is open.

The show itself will be open from July 12th through August 13th. Over
the course of the running time, images will be replcaced as new ones arrive,
either weekly or biweekly depending on the number of responces.

Faxes are currently being accepted and will continue to be until one week
prior to the show's closing.

Faxes will be recieved on an OMNIFAX L95; the number to send to is (503) 552-

Artists submitting work are encouraged to create and send a label as well,
listing their name, place of resident, relavent life accomplishments and/or
a brief statement.

The Gallery is in Ashland, Oregon on Siskiyou Blvd at Indiana St., inside the
Siskiyou Commons Building and is open for veiwing Monday through Friday, 9Am-


Daniel Psmith
Co-Directer/OtherArt Gallery
E-Mail= [email protected]

Please feel free to distrubute this information to anyone who may be interested.
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