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Hey Folks,
It's been a while since I've responded. But this discussion on art
education has prompted me. I feel in a lot some ways that my graduate program
has been a disaster. I have been at the wrong school, but since I WORK here,
I can go half-price. So it was convenient and cheap. But I am a figurative
artist and this is not a figurative school. Most of what I have learned, I
have dug out on my own. But isn't that what grad school is all about anyway,
weaning ourselves away from dependence on teachers to motivate us? Anyway,
I know that my experience was largely due to my situation of having to work
here and being unable to concentrate entirely on school. But I am growing to
realize that when it comes right down to it, I have to dig it out if I want it.
Education will give me a solid foundation to build on. But education is a
life-long experience that NEVER ends. Rodin left academia because he didn't
want to work in the "accepted" style of the period. But then he started di
digging and reading and WORKING and learning from his mistakes and successes.
But he NEVER stopped looking and seeing and learning. And TEACHING.

David Ward
[email protected]
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