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Subject: Re: Form and Function are ONE
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I believe that if anyone things that form doesn't follow function,
they are seriously misunderstanding architecture, and are probably
responsible for the enormous quanitity of ugly and pointless

When you lose sight of function when you conceive of form, you end up
with buildings that may or may not look good, but are useless to the
people who must inhabit them. Take for example, the AI Lab at MIT,
designed by IM Pei. In my opinion, it is a nice example of "art," but
as I have heard from everyone there, it is very ineffective at
providing workplaces that are useful. Is that "good" architecture?

Architecture is not form, it is not function alone. Architecture is
the form that is inspired by function and driven by it. It is when we
allow form to drive function that we gain buildings that are better
placed in a museum than in the lives of people.

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