ART: Sculpture Competition. Chicago.

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In Illinois we have a law that maintains that any state building that is erect-
ed or remodeled must have 1/2 of 1% dedicated to the acquisition of art for
that building. (I proudly add that I was, in part, responsible for this
legislation.) At the moment there are a number of projects on campuses in
the State the have generated money for this program. It has been decided that
a rather large sum of money will be dedicated to sculpture: electronic,
abstract, conceptual, figurative, kinetci, site-specific, etc.. If you are
interested in applications to these competitions, you should request info on
"Sculpture for the Third Millenium" from the Art-In-Architecture Program,
Third Floor, Stratton Office Building, 401 south Spring Street, Springfield,
Illinois 62706. Attn: Michael A. Dunbar, Coordinator. There will be no
entry fees, and there are various deadline dates, the first being November 19th
I should add that most juries are instructed to give special consideration
to Illinois artists...and why not? But I have been on juries where artists
from outside the State were given awards and commissions. Good luck
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