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U.S. Department of Education (ED)
Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)
Institutional Communications Network (INet)

Clarification of Gopher Server Announcement
Wednesday, October 20, 1993

It seems that our Gopher Server announcement earlier this week was unclear as to
how to access the service.

We provide public access only to our Gopher Server, not a Gopher Client. To
access our Server, you must have one of the following options at your site:

1) You run a Gopher client locally,
2) You run a Gopher server locally (which generally will have a gopher
client attached to it)
3) Your site provides neither of the above, but you can Telnet places.

***** 1) *****
If you run a gopher client which enables you to use the command line, you can
use the command:


If your gopher client already points to a server somewhere, you will surely find
a menu option called something like "Other gopher sites in the world" (or
some equivalent name). From that option, search sites in North America, USA.
We are not yet listed under Washington, DC, but we are listed under All Servers
and General Servers as U.S. Department of Education/.

***** 2) *****
If your site runs a Gopher Server (and attached client), you should be able to
do what was described under 1) above.

If you find our Gopher Server useful, you may want to ask your system
administrator to add U.S. Department of Education ( to your
Gopher Server as a more obvious and easily accessible menu item than just Other
Gopher sites in the world. The administrator can set a pointer to us (or any
other Gopher Server) from any level of your gopher server menu. This is for
added convenience; the capabilities and information will be the same.

***** 3) *****
If you can only Telnet out, you must telnet to a site which provides public
access to a Gopher Client. This should be your last resort because performance
will not be as good; these public gopher sites get quite busy. Reprinted below
is a section from the Gopher FAQ (frequently asked questions) which lists public
access Gopher Clients. Please note that these sites may discontinue this
service at any time. You may also want to experiment to see which provides the
best performance; we suggest you use those in North America. To use one of the
clients listed below, telnet to the site (domain name or IP address) and log
on as indicated. From there, search for us under Other Gopher sites in the
world as explained under 1) above.


Reprint from the Gopher FAQ list:

Q3: Where are there publicly available logins for Gopher?

A3: Here is a short list, use the site closest to you to minimize
network lag.

Public Logins:

Hostname IP# Login Area
------------------------- --------------- ------ ------------- gopher North America gopher North America panda North America gopher North America gopher Europe info Australia gopher Sweden gopher South America gopher Ecuador gopher Japan

It is recommended that you run the client software instead of
logging into the public login sites. A client uses the
custom features of the local machine (mouse, scroll bars, etc.)
and gives faster response.

If you have further questions about the above, please check first with your
local system administrator. If questions remain, contact us at one of the
following addresses:

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (202) 219-1547
Fax: (202) 219-1817
Snail Mail: INet Gopher Administrator
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Educational Research and
555 New Jersey Ave. N.W., Room 214
Washington, D.C. 20208-5725

Keith M. Stubbs (voice) 202-219-1803
Director, Education Info. Resources Div. (fax) 202-219-1817
US Dept of Education/OERI Internet: [email protected]
555 New Jersey Avenue, NW Rm 214c
Washington, DC 20208-5725
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