Re: listing of graduate programs in architecture

Introducing the second edition of the international directory of design,
describing over 2000 design programs and schools covering over 200 countries.

Presenting the diversity of international design, Indexed across a broad
spectrum of disciplines, From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

The ultimate whoUs-who guide to international design education, with the
contacts that you need in the world of design today

The 1994 multilingual edition of the directory will continues our dedication to
the diversity of international design with expanded coverage to include design
societies and design centers throughout the world.

The 1994 edition of the international directory of design will include two
special features focussing on Architecture and Fabric Design.

In addition to including information on the worldwide network of professional
societies serving these disciplines, Penrose Press will begin a new series with
the introduction of two CD portfolio publications:

International Review of Architecture
Q Student Works

International Review of Fabric Design
Q Student Works

With these two CD publications, Penrose Press begins its visual documentation
program. If your institution is interested in participating in this exciting
new project, please write to the editors.

The 1994 Directory segements design programs into three levels - undergraduate,
graduate, and professional.

1993 International Directory of Design Q US$ 55.00 ________
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1994 International Directory of Design Q US$ 40.00 ________
1994 International Review of Architecture: Student Works (CD) Q US$85.00
1994 International Review of Fabric Design: Student Works (CD) Q US$85.00

Ray Lauzzana, publications director, Penrose Press
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