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From: [email protected] (Marc Becker)
Subject: Re: A Measure of Excellence - Canadian Universities
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 18:28:31 GMT

In article <[email protected]> UXIL <[email protected]>
>In the third annual ranking of Canadian universities, the Canada's
>weekly newsmagazine "Maclean's" provides a survey of 51 institutions.

>Montreal's McGill University ranks the top for three consecutive years.
>The following is quoted from the Maclean's --
>"Above all, McGill must be made the great national school of Canada
> for every form of higher study. There need be here no question of
> petty jealousies or false rivalries with other institutions. It is
> only necessary to admit that McGill is best, and all anger is at an
> end."

The last thing McGill has to be worried about is the petty
jealousy of other institutions, or false rivalries therewith.

The very fact that you take Maclean's study seriously and then
proceed to spout off about it demonstrates effectively that you
are in fact somewhat less than 'great'. Smug, perhaps; vane, for
certain; pompous, absolutely!

And to insinuate that other institutions are angry because
another school is ranked number 1 in a survey based on a series
of skewed questions, a narrow range of criteria and a preconception
of what defines quality education - that amounts to conceit and
snobbery indicative of base, self-serving aspirations found only
in the crudest, most ramshackle institutions. McGill is built on
stilts of pride straddling an undercurrent of hubristic vanity
. . . "how quickly the *mighty* fall."

Maybe McGill should focus on making itself a great school for
every form of higher primate and leave its arrogance in the dusty
pages of some back room library shelf, where surely the quote
from Maclean's must have been bled from. It reads like Victorian
English, for God's sake!

Just my views.
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