ARCHITECTURE: Master-Apprentice.

At times there is a carry over of this attitude by studio masters in
an academic setting. Why? The larger question is related to getting
an education in an academic setting without studios and masters. I would
encourage some thought and discussion about this question. Howard

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From: Erik Josowitz <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: calatrava
Date: 2 Dec 1993 00:34:42 GMT

In article <[email protected]> egea jose manuel,
[email protected] writes:
> Why on earth do you have to call Calatrava an asshole? You may or
> may not like his architecture, but I don't see the need to use that
> word, at least not in this context.
> In my opinion Calatrava is an excellent architect. However, I must
> admit that the creation of a newsgroup on him seems a little too
> much; nevertheless, count me in!!
> Later,
> Josep Egea
> [email protected]

Actually I am a great fan of his architecture. However, I have friends
who work for him and having spent some time at the office and talking to
them I lost a great deAl of respect for him as a person. His work is fine
with me but he doesn't have to treat employees the way he does. For that
matter it seems thAt many of the 'great' architects treat employees as
slaves or other supposed subhumans. All that I am looking for is a firm
that recognizes the contributions that all employees make in terms of
creativity, time, and simple backbreaking labor.
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