Query on "super project"

Hello everyone,

I am planning on setting up a 3D-computer model of a design I once
made, and want to go full detail (down to light bulb fittings, in
fact everything you can see when would be in the building itself) to
see how big these things can get, how much work is involved, what
organisation one needs beforehand, what problem will occur, if it
yields relevant information for architects, in short, to be
confronted with all the problems and features that are involved when
really modelling. I feel this could be of some interest because
usually 3D-models of buildings are rather sketchy, and even when you
put some extra detailling effort into it, it usually doesn't improve

Before I am going to spend my evening-hours, breaks and weekends on
this, I would like to hear from you out there if you know of similar
projects (or even have done them yourselves), or if you have similar


Henri Achten (OASE-team)
Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Architecture, Building and Planning
[email protected]

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