Re: Forwarded message

On Mon, 28 Mar 1994, Frederique Krupa wrote:

> Regarding the person that was angry that the forum was used for political
> purpose, I on the other hand was so refreshed to have some politics appear
> here. As designers and citizens, we are still political being, and we must
> not limit ourselves to simply formal or technical subject matter. This is a
> public forum and we must be able to accomodate the same kind of discussions
> that we might carry on amongst our design colleagues.
> Frede

We have other groups for such issues. If you miss such discussions there
are plenty to join in on elsewhere. If this forum widens to such topics,
then it wouldn't be about design then would it. Even though, as a
designer, I eat and sleep we don't find discussing pillows and
peanutbutter appropriate, do we? Now if this were a design firm
being assailled then I might reconsider my line of reasoning. If the
religious right started posting here would that still be appropriate for
you or does this posting just agree with your politics?

Sory to be harsh but this area won't be useful if it is freeform chatter
amongst design people.

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