GENERAL: Modern and Post-Modern.

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One overly simple notion of modern vs. post-modern is that modernism in art
(which is not synonymous with "modern") was in part a reduction of visual
elements in an effort to achieve formal purity. Where as Post-modernism
acknowledges the openendedness or "indeterminance" of cultural (in this
example visual) communication received in a "multitextual" envronment.
Post-modernism rejects the eight-teen and nine-teenth century conception
of the universe as a unified, orderly, and fully describable system.
Chaos exerts an unavoidable influence. For a characteristic taste of
post-modernism literature try a bit of Roland
Barthes. Probably any bit will do. Also, Hal Foster offers a good
introduction to Post-modern theory in "The Anti Aesthetic"

On Tue, 5 Apr 1994, Tina Dickey wrote:

> Since everyone's so quiet at the moment, I'll ask again- anyone care to
> the distinctions between modern and postmodern? I hear the words banded about
> lot, but I've never come across a clear definition.
> Tina
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