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Date: 23 May 1994 21:38:40 -0000
From: [email protected] (Daniel j. Jansenson)
Subject: AIA ONLIN


For those of you not in the loop, AIA Online will be available shortly in a
Mac version (this week or next, I believe). The mucky mucks in Washington
don't realize what a powerful tool this could be to truly reform the
organization and make it a real instrument for architects and students. I've
hardly found anyone who's had contact with the A.I.A. who would'nt agree that
the organization needs serious reform. Much of the discusion that took place
here last week, at the A.I.A. national convention, was prompted by the
now-infamous article in PA, which describes situation pretty succintly. We
have an opportunity to make our lives as architects better by making use of
this new online service, through its BBS, etc. Due to popular pressure, the
price of using it has dropped to .15 per minute (anything over0 cents is
exorbitant, in my view, considering that our dues are higher than the
American Bar Association's). Beginning next year the service will be free. I
urge everyone to consider participating in this. Good luck. Dan J., Santa
Monica, California.
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