AID'94 CFP Workshop "Reasoning with Shapes in Design"

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From: [email protected] (Jose Damski)
Subject: AID'94 CFP Workshop "Reasoning with Shapes in Design"
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 01:29:34 GMT


Reasoning with Shapes in Design

Sunday, August 14th, 1994
14:00--18:00 hs

Lausanne, Switzerland

Held in conjunction with AID'94
(Artificial Intelligence in Design - 94)

Description of Workshop

'Shape' -- models of geometry -- plays an important role in the
development of design ideas. This workshop will provide a forum
for researchers in artificial intelligence in design to discuss
reasoning with shape in design and the representations and
computations that support such reasoning.

The workshop organisers especially invite attention to the following

* designers' understanding of shape information
* the role of shape information in different models of design
(examples of design models include search, constraints,
prototypes, optimisation, and genetic processes)
* models of shapes
* representations of shapes
(emerging representational schemes such as connectionist and
diagrammatic representations as well as traditional symbolic
representations, including mathematical ones, are of interest)
* reasoning with shapes
* transformations between alternative representations of shapes
* computing with shapes
* design applications involving shape

Format of the Workshop

The workshop will have a round-table format. Up to four
20-minute presentations based on extended abstracts submitted by
participants will be given. Its duration will be 4 hours with
a half hour break at the midpoint. The presentations are intended to
act as catalysts for discussion which can and should go beyond
the presentations themselves.


Attendance at the workshop will be restricted to persons whose
extended abstracts are accepted by the advisory
committee. To help ensure a focussed and collegial atmosphere, the
number of attendees will be limited to 20-30 people.
Participants must register for both the workshop and the
general conference. The workshop fee will be SFr 75. This is to
cover administration, workshop notes and coffee break.

Any questions regarding the technical content of the workshop should be
directed to either of the coordinators.

Submissions Requirements

Submit an extended abstract of 2-5 pages. Authors whose abstracts are
selected by the advisory committee for presentation will be requested
to prepare 20-minute presentations of their work.

Send submissions in plain ascii or Latex source format to
[email protected], or mail 4 copies of hardcopy submissions to Jose
Damski at the address below. Electronic submissions are preferred.
Please do not send floppy disks or tapes.

Important Dates

2 June 1994 Deadline for submissions.
4 July 1994 Notification of acceptance.
15 July 1994 Deadline for camera-ready copies.


The preprints of the workshop will be published, and distributed to the
participants at the workshop. Authors of some abstracts may subsequently
be invited to submit a full paper to a special issue of an archival
journal related to the topic of reasoning with shapes.

Workshop Committee

Christopher Carlson
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Johannes Kepler University
[email protected]

Jose Damski (coordinator)
Key Centre of Design Computing
Dept of Architectural and Design Science
University of Sydney - Sydney - 2006 - NSW - Australia
fax: +61-2-692 3031
[email protected]

Ernest Edmonds
LUTCHI Research Centre
Department of Computer Studies
Loughborough University of Technology
[email protected]

Hari Narayanan
Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Stanford University
[email protected]

George Stiny
University of California - Los Angeles
[email protected]

Robert Woodbury (coordinator)
Department of Architecture
University of Adelaide
[email protected]

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